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    PPA resin
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    NHU -PPA(Polyphthalamid Resin)
    NHU-PPA resin, a kind of nylon which has more favorable strength, rigidity than ordinary nylon, especially its chemical resistance. Its performance in wet conditions shows also more significantly . It can be continously used under 120 ℃ to 185 ℃,which can replace metal as heat resistance parts used for Autos
          PPA is an aromatic polyamide formed by poly condensation with isophthalic acid(IPA) and 1, 6 - hexamethylenediamine. HTPA molecular chain contains rigid aromatic rings and long and flexible diamine chain which give them both flexibility and toughness and proper mobility. Therefore, it possesses high crystallization rate and crystallinity.
          Its formula as follows:


    Product Properties
    Heat Resistance
          It is kind of nylon engineering plastics used for temperature above 150 ℃ with a thermal deflection up to 280 ℃.
          It possesses favorable strength as aluminum, rigidity as steel and flexibility, ductility and impact resistance as ebonite.
          It still remains 90% its performance in the relative humidity of 50%  r
    Excellent chemical resistance.
          In the automobile and aircraft working liquid has excellent work performance, better than most other polymers. To be especially tolerance of ethylene glycol and water erosion. Good resistance to gasoline.
    Dimensional stability.
          Compared with traditional nylon 6, 6, nylon 6,6 or nylon 4, 6, PPA has less 33% water absorption. It has  Low thermal expansion coefficient, similar to metal or metal alloy
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