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    Teacher Hu Baishan was elected as Vice Chairman of the Council of China Chemical Safety Association

    Time:2020-08-31 20:19:11     Author:Admin

     On August 27th, the fourth member meeting of the China Chemical Safety Association was held in Qingdao, Shandong. Liu Wei, member of the Party Committee and Vice Minister of the Emergency Management Department, attended the meeting and made a speech. The company's vice chairman and president Hu Baishan attended the meeting as a representative of the governing unit of the China Chemical Safety Association.

    Prior to the meeting, the 4th Council and the Board of Supervisors were elected by the Working Committee of the Central Agency and the Ministry of Civil Affairs before the meeting. Mr. Hu Baiyan was elected as the Vice Chairman of the 4th Council. He was the only one from a private enterprise among the 12 Vice Chairman. representative.

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